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The Watson Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship Programme 2024

The Watson Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship Programme 2024The Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship is a leadership and venture development program designed to equip next-generation entrepreneurs from Mexico with the skills, resources, and experience to scale impactful ventures.

Fellows will join the Flagship Fellowship program alongside 30 other entrepreneurs to learn advanced skills in entrepreneurship and leadership, gain experience, build a global network, and have the opportunity to earn a venture development stipend as they lay the foundation to empower individuals and transform their communities. The program will kick off with an in-person Immersive in Boulder, Colorado, United States in August 2024.

Dates & Details

Dates: August 1st to November 12th, 2024 (16 weeks of programming).
Format: The program launches with a 10-day Immersive, starting August 1st, 2024. Virtual sessions are held for the remaining 15 weeks of programming (weekly time commitment 8–10 hours per week).
In-Person Immersive: 10-day Immersive starting August 1st, 2024 (20–25 hours per week time commitment).
Training: Fellows will engage in weekly expert-led sessions covering Foundations, Data & Metrics, Go-To-Market, Funding, Team Management, and Pitch.
Impact Series: Renowned leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners join the fellowships to share their entrepreneurial journey and experience, as well as mentor the Fellows. See previous Impact Series Speakers here.
Basecamp: Basecamp, a term coined by Watson Institute, refers to a 1-3 day Impact Workshop led by each Fellow in their community. Its purpose is to gather a minimum participant base, allowing Fellows to share their venture work, receive feedback, and network. Basecamps also offer participants a hands-on experience in exploring social impact through entrepreneurship.
Summit: Culminating community event where Fellows pitch to local leaders, funders, and entrepreneurs (November 12th, 2024).
Venture Development Stipend: $10,000 in venture development stipends will be distributed among select Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellows based on progress and impact throughout the Fellowship.


Who You Are:
You are an entrepreneur or community leader deeply committed to creating sustainable, scalable impact in your community.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth mindset, and are driven to grow as an effective leader within your community. The ideal venture stages for this fellowship are Problem-Solution Fit or Product-Market Fit phases, with engaged customers or beneficiaries, and demonstrated outcomes in both impact and revenue.

You are able to commit to the 16-week program including the in-person Immersive in Boulder, Colorado starting on August 1st. We prioritize individuals who are fully committed to actively participating in the entire program. At the heart of the program is a strong sense of community, and its success hinges on the active engagement and enthusiasm of all participants, who are eager to both learn and share.

Where You Create Impact: Applicants located in and/or creating impact in the following locations:

From any geographical location in Mexico.

What You Are Looking For:

You are looking for expert-guided entrepreneurial training, a community of entrepreneurs to give you feedback that improves your venture, and a wide-reaching mentorship network to enhance your leadership abilities and the impact of your venture.

What You Will Accomplish

With the unwavering support of the Watson Institute team, you will receive a comprehensive roadmap to guide the growth and scalability of your work and impact. Additionally, you will facilitate an Impactful Workshop (known as a Basecamp) in your community for your stakeholders, backed by a stipend, playbook, and team support to bring your vision to life.

The Watson Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship Programme 2024 Application Process

1. Applications Submitted: Complete the online application. This application should take approximately 45 minutes to fill out. The final deadline for application submissions is June 1st, 2024. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis after the deadline.

2. First Round Review: Our Admissions Committee diligently reviews all applications, seeking entrepreneurs who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and ventures that are both innovative and scalable. Applications received after the deadline will be assessed on a rolling basis as needed.

3. Interview: Qualified applicants will receive invitations for a 20-minute one-on-one Zoom interview. This interview allows us to delve deeper into your motivations for pursuing the fellowship and to gain a better understanding of your venture.

4. Admissions Committee Review: The most promising applicant profiles will be shared with our external Admissions Committee for their final review and selection.

5. Acceptances Announced: Notifications of acceptance will be sent out during the week of June 27th, 2024.

6. Fellows Confirm & Enroll: The final step to complete your enrollment is to confirm your commitment to the program. Upon confirmation, you will receive an invitation to participate in a “Meet the Cohort Webinar” event leading up to the program’s commencement. The program begins August 1st, 2024.

For more Information:Visit the website for The Watson Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship Programme 2024


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