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The Gospel Coalition (TGC) 2024 Essay Contest for Young Adults

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) 2024 Essay Contest for Young Adults – The Gospel Coalition announces its 2024 essay contest, inviting young adults (ages 16–22) to explore and write about God’s faithfulness, their relationship with technology, and their heart for full-time ministry in our secular age.

Young adults aged 16–22 are invited to submit an original essay for a chance to win a prize and be published on TGC’s website. Contest begins June 1, 2024, and ends July 1, 2024. Interested? Details, topics, and submission information below.

  • Contestants must be 16-22 years (born in 2001-2007) to enter.
  • Each contestant may only submit 1 essay.
  • Essays must be original works that have not previously been published elsewhere, including on a personal blog or social media page.
  • Essays must be 800–1,000 words and address one of the topics below.
  • Essays will be judged by the TGC editorial team. Winners will be announced September 2, 2024.
  • First prize is $500. Second prize is a $100 TGC bookstore gift card. Third prize is a selection of books.*
  • Winning essays will be published on TGC. All other submissions will be considered for publication.
  • Every writer who submits an essay will receive a coupon code for $50 off the Gen-Z registration for our TGC25 conference.

*Prizes can only be awarded to U.S. residents, but contestants from any country are welcome to submit an essay to be considered for publication.


Choose one of the following prompts for your essay. Contestants should draw from their own experiences and convictions, and use Scripture to support their conclusions. Want examples? Read the winning essays from 2022 and 2023.

1. When did the Lord love you by not giving you what you wanted?

Many of us have unfulfilled desires. When was a time you saw the Lord’s love and kindness when he withheld something from you? What was it that you wanted and how did you see the Lord’s faithfulness through not giving it to you? Tell us what you learned from your experience, especially considering that our surrounding culture tells us we deserve to have all our desires fulfilled.

2. How has the gospel changed your relationship with your phone?

Today, phones are considered a necessity rather than a luxury. How does the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ change how you view your phone and how you use it? How has your phone been a hindrance and how has it been an asset to your relationship with the Lord? Tell us what you’ve learned in navigating how to use your phone for the glory of God.

3. Why are you considering full-time ministry?

There’s a greater need than ever for young people to pursue full-time ministry. Why are you considering making ministry your vocation? Tell us your heart behind it, why you think it’s important, and what influences in your life have led you to move forward in this direction.

To Apply: Visit the website for The Gospel Coalition (TGC) 2024 Essay Contest


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