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World Camp Euro 2025 Team – Call for organisers

World Camp Euro 2025 Team – Call for organisers – To create the best event we possibly can, we rely on a team of Organisers from our community.

Whether you like what you see and want to get involved – or you think you can help us make it even better – we encourage you to apply to join the WordCamp Europe 2025 Organising Team.


WCEU Organisers work in teams to cover the different areas of work. For the past few editions we have worked across several different teams.

Each year we review, learn and adapt, making a concerted effort to improve wherever possible which could result in new teams.

Note: The exact teams will be decided after applications have come in, adapting the teams from our existing setup to suit our needs for 2025.

Who can apply

If you enjoy WordCamps and want to dedicate some of your time and energy to making them even better, you are the right person to get involved.

There’s no single framework that makes a good Organiser. Instead, we work with each other’s skills and passions, which combine together to create a strong team.

We will build our teams around our strengths, and we not only want to know about your skills and experience, but your passions, interests and how you see yourself helping.

Organising a WordCamp is a hugely gratifying experience, but it does take hard work. The Organising Team will start planning WordCamp Europe in September 2024, and many teams will have weekly or bi-weekly meetings that run up until the event in June 2025.

You must be happy working with a distributed team and dedicating your time on a weekly basis. Anyone joining the Organising Team must abide by our Code of Conduct and treat one another fairly and respectfully.

We recommend that applicants are based within European Timezones due to the nature of our work and when meetings are scheduled – but we welcome applications from all WordPress enthusiasts across the globe.

Additionally, if you’re considering to apply to host WordCamp Europe 2026, we’d recommend that you apply to work as an organiser for 2025 to understand the logistics and how we work to help understand the needs of the organisation.

If you’re ready, let’s begin! APPLY HERE


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