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Womens Economic Empowerment Through Affirmative Procurement Training

Womens Economic Empowerment Through Affirmative Procurement Training – UNwomen and Dotakeaction.org are proud to announce the launch of a transformative Women’s Economic Empowerment through an Affirmative Procurement Training Program to empower women-led businesses to succeed in the competitive procurement landscape. This training program is designed to equip women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to excel in procurement and secure valuable contracts.

The program comprises a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential topics such as bid processes, contract negotiations, strategic planning, and business development.

By participating in the training program, women entrepreneurs will gain a competitive edge, enhance their understanding of procurement best practices, and build valuable connections within a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to secure lucrative contracts, unlock new markets, and contribute to sustainable development.

The Procurement Training Program is open to women entrepreneurs from all industries, regardless of business size or experience level. Interested participants can click here or on the register button on this page to secure their spot in this transformative training opportunity.

The Curriculum

1 month / 3 Modules / 21 classes / 3 – 4hrs per class (inclusive of 20 minutes break)

Module 1: Procurement training (steps to prepare women businesses, business pitching for procurement)

  • Introduction to Affirmative Procurement & e-Procurement
  • Affirmative Procurement Policies and Strategies
  • Procurement Processes and Procedures
  • Bid Preparation and Submission
  • Contract Management
  • Practical Sessions
  • Evaluation and Feedback

Module 2 – Supporting post-covid19 recovery: training on developing new business models for women  entrepreneurs to pivot their businesses in the context of post covid19

  • Introduction to Covid-19 Response and  Recovery Strategies: Putting Together a Business Resiliency Plan
  • Building Flexible Business Strategies That Overcome Unforeseen Tragedies
  • Strengthening your Capital Efficiency To Withstand Economic Crisis: Understanding financial statements and their Interpretation
  • Automating Business Processes and Operations to be Pandemic-Resilient
  • Post-Pandemic Business Restructuring and Identifying Emerging Opportunities
  • Practical Sessions
  • Evaluation and Feedback

 Module 3 – Digital skills training, including digital financial inclusion

  • Introduction to Post-Pandemic Digital Trends.
  • Leveraging Technology to Increase Business Revenue and Brand Awareness.
  • Improving Social Media Presence for Business Growth.
  • Measuring and Monitoring Consumer Behavior for Business Insights.
  • Navigating e-Procurement platforms Building and Managing Business Websites.
  • Practical Sessions.
  • Evaluation and Feedback.



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