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UNEB Latest News On PLE UCE AND UACE 2024 Registration


Last call to register for 2024 Candidates Today the 31st of May marks the end of the normal registration period for the 2024 candidates of the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) based on the New Curriculum, as well as UCE based on the Old Curriculum, plus the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examinations.

As of this morning, a total of one million, one seventy two thousand, one hundred and fourteen candidates (1,172,114) had registered of the PLE, UCE- New Curriculum, and the UACE examinations.

At PLE, the number of candidates registered so far exceeds the total candidature of last year. Seven hundred fifty four, and seventy six (754,076) candidates for PLE, have so far registered, as compared to seven hundred forty nine, three hundred forty seven (749,347) that registered last year.

The registered candidates are from 95.2% of the PLE Centres. At UCE Level for the New Curriculum, three hundred and three, nine hundred and fifty one 9303,951) candidates have so far registered, as compared to three hundred sixty four, four hundred fifty nine candidates (364,459) by closure of registration last year. 83% of the UCE centres have so far submitted registration data for their candidates. At UACE level, 70% of the Centres have registered their candidates.

One hundred fourteen, eighty-seven (114, 087) candidates have so far registered, a figure slightly higher than the total candidature of last year that stood at one hundred and ten thousand, five hundred and sixty nine (110,569).

For the UCE old Curriculum, over three thousand candidates have so far registered for the Transitional Examination (UCE-TE). Once again, the Board would like to emphasise that this is a one off opportunity given to anyone who would like to be assessed under the old curriculum, and qualifies for the same.

This examination targets the following categories of people:

a. Those who sat UCE in 2023 or earlier and would like to improve their grades;

b. Those who registered for UCE in 2023 or earlier, but did not sit;

c. Those whose 2023 UCE results have been cancelled

d. Those who failed to register for UCE in 2023. These must have sat PLE in 2018 or earlier:

e. Adult candidates who are 20 years old and above and did not sit for PLE.

These however require special permission from the Board before they can register. They must also provide proof of age Under this category, the government will pay for the registration fees of candidates who sat for PLE in 2018, and have registered under a Universal Secondary Education (USE) government school.

The others can register from any school/ Examination Centre around them, or one of the UNEB Examination Halls spread in different parts of the country.

The registration fee is one hundred and sixty-Four Thousand (164,000/=). Last call to register Candidates This is a final call to all Heads of Centres who have not yet dully registered all their candidates to do so before midnight tonight.

The registration fees for this normal window of registration are 34,000/- for PLE, 164,000/- for UCE and 186,000/- for UACE. For candidates who may miss registering during this time, a period has been set for late registration, which will attract a surcharge. Heads of Centres of government aided schools are advised to ensure that they register their learners during this period, because the government will not pay the surcharges.

Accuracy of Candidates’ data The Board would like to advise those responsible for uploading the candidates’ bio-data to carefully verify the accuracy of the data submitted by the candidates before uploading. You are advised to look out for spelling and order of names, date of birth as per the UNEB prescribed format of (Date/Month/ Year), gender, institutional choices, and ensure that the correct and high resolution photograph is attached for each of the candidates.

In case there is need for amendment after submission, the responsible person is advised to contact UNEB directly. Where the amendment involves changing the name and date of birth, you are required to come along with a birth certificate and a letter of consent form the parent. Amendments the normal registration window period will attract a fee.

New Examination Centres

Those who applied for new Examination Centres will be invited for training, and there after accorded separate registration deadline. They are therefore advised to put together registration details for their learners in preparation for registration. Finally, I would like to commend the candidates, parents, Heads of Centres, teachers, District, City, and Municipal Inspectors of schools for the efforts so far put in to register candidates. May God bless all your endeavours.



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