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The National Heritage Council (NHC) – Call for Funding

Deadline:  30th August 2024

Call for funding – The National Heritage Council aspires to expand the base of participation of heritage organizations in the country. Applications are invited from individuals, organizations and institutions.

The National Heritage Council (NHC) discovered, as early as 2009, that heritage initiatives require financial resources to establish projects that contribute to the protection, preservation and promotion of heritage.

Many of South Africa’s Heritage Practitioners attached to organisations or working independently have displayed a high level of commitment to promoting culture and heritage with no assistance at all. This passion for protecting our heritage is what kept many rituals, traditional practices, cultural ceremonies, skills and techniques of arts and craft, knowledge passed on to the youth and many other activities alive.

It is essential for the NHC to encourage communities to continue taking ownership and responsibility for their heritage.

Annually, the NHC, issues a call for applications for funding. The NHC also administers a relief fund for practitioners in the sector – the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP). All applications are now done online. The average funding range from R50,000.00 to R1,000,000.00. Each of our projects have a capacity to create about 45 jobs depending on the scale.

The NHC makes funding available to community initiatives that would ordinarily not have access loans from financial institutions. The funding is mainly to assist in starting and establishing a project that can in future have prospects of sustaining itself or attracting alternative funding from other donors.

Projects that have received funding would benefit more than just financial assistance from the NHC. The project leaders and participants would have exposure to formal project management skills, administration, reporting and accountability. The NHC believes that the skills in these various areas equip the projects with excellence and improved prospects to attract more funding and support.


  • COMPULSORY –Organisation registration certificate/Deed of Trust/Articles of Association
  • Organisations Constitution/ Association of Articles
  • Your current Tax Clearance Certificate with a pin code number
  • Latest financial statements for newly registered organisations with a letter from the Audit firm/Registered Accountant. Audited Financial Statements for organisations registered and have operated for more than one (1) year.
  • Certified identity documents of authorised persons
  • Organisation’s Business Plan (for company profile)
  • Proposal with a project plan and an itemised budget
  • Letter(s) of Research Permit on 3rd Parties
  • Appointment/Delegation Letter for a Project Manager from the Board
  • Memorandum of Understanding (where research work is third party
  • Reports of work done previously
  • Letters of Support
  • ADDITIONAL (list any attached information/items that you wish to submit to motivate for your application)


The following business formations are invited to apply:

Educational Institutions participating in heritage projects; Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) Non-Profit Companies (NPCs); Community Based Organisations (CBOs); Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs); Associations; Foundations; Community Trusts (NB: family Trusts excluded); Traditional Councils; Academic Institutions; Individuals who are involved in heritage research projects and have partnered with a qualifying; entity/organisation.

Excluded projects and businesses

The following project types will not be eligible for funding:

  • All cultural and artistic performances
  • All film/video/theatre and drama production related activities
  • All projects with implementation targeted outside the borders of SA
  • Proposals applying for formal qualifications (SETA Accredited qualifications)
  • Projects applying for capital expenditure (equipment, structures, renovations and maintenance)
  • Projects applying for operational costs (rent, salaries, office furniture, etc.

The following business formations will not be eligible for funding:

  • Closed Corporations (CCs)
  • Family Trusts
  • Individuals applying without qualifying partnerships
  • Pty Ltd
  • Profit Making Organisations (Section 21 for gain)
  • Cooperatives
  • Incorporated companies (Inc)

How to Apply and Submit

Application is online through the Portal – PTSweb Login (praxisgms.co.za) which will close at midnight on the closing date and not late applications will be received.  All required compliance documents must be submitted with the initial registration and application. The compliance documents are listed on the funding portal application.

For more Inforamtion: Visit the website for The National Heritage Council (NHC) – Call for Funding


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