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The Digital Freedom Fund 2024 Application

The Digital Freedom Fund 2024 Application – The Digital Freedom Fund supports strategic litigation on digital rights in Europe that contributes to advancing human rights in the digital context. See answers to our frequently asked questions here.

We are accepting applications.
  • Eligibility check request deadline: 15 July 2024 23:59 CEST
  • Full application submission deadline: 23 July 2024 23:59 CEST

Make sure you scroll down to read more information to prepare your application and click here to see more detail about how to submit your application.

Our Programme Officer, Thomas, will host a series of “ask us anything” calls at the following times:

  • 23 May 11:00 CEST
  • 5 June 12:00 CEST
  • 27 June 11:00 CEST

If you would like to join, click the envelope below to write to Thomas to register your attendance and get a link to the call.

Thematic focus areas

We are particularly interested in receiving applications for strategic cases that:

Advance individuals’ ability to exercise their right to privacy

Examples are cases that:

Protect and promote the free flow of information online

Examples are cases that:

Ensure accountability, transparency and the adherence to human rights standards in the use and design of technology

Examples are cases that:

We also welcome applications for projects that fall outside these general thematic focus areas if they can contribute to advancing the respect for human rights in the digital sphere. Cases need to have the potential for impact extending beyond the parties directly involved in the case and for bringing about legislative, policy or social change.

Check out more examples of the cases we are supporting on our case studies page.

Grant application criteria

Digital rights
What does DFF consider “digital rights”?
DFF works with a broad definition of digital rights. We consider digital rights to be human rights as applicable in the digital sphere. The digital sphere covers both physically constructed spaces, such as infrastructure and devices, and spaces that are virtually constructed, such as online identities and communities.

Geographical scope
DFF accepts grant applications concerning all Council of Europe Member States.

Who can apply for The Digital Freedom Fund 2024

We will consider applications from digital rights advocates (e.g. NGOs and other entities that pursue a public interest objective), pro bono lawyers, and other litigators seeking to protect and advance digital rights in Europe.

We fund not just digital rights organisations, but also provide support to racial, social, feminist, queer, environmental, migrant rights and economic justice movements and organisations working on digital rights.

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Grant size

As litigators work with different operational models and each case has different dimensions and complexities, grant amounts requested vary. Rather than working with a fixed case support fee, DFF will evaluate each case on its own merits in light of both the general grantmaking criteria and the principle of cost-efficiency.

Between 2020 and 2023, our annual grants budget was between EUR 600,000 and EUR 800,000, and we approved 15-20 applications per year.

So far the average size of a litigation track support grant is around EUR 50,000 and the average size of a pre-litigation research support grant is around EUR 30,000. We have approved grants as low as EUR 3,000, and some over EUR 100,000.

For more Information: Visit the wbesite for The Digital Freedom Fund 2024 Application


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