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Setting Up Columbia University libraries to Google scholar

Setting Up Columbia University libraries to Google scholar

  1. Go to scholar.google.com, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, then
  2. Click on Settings, represented by the gear icon that appears.
  3. Click on Library links in the left-hand menu.
  4.  Search for Columbia University and select “Columbia University in the City of New York – Columbia e-link >>”
  5. Hit Save and conduct a search in Scholar. 
  6. Click the “Columbia e-link >>” link attached to search results, which contains full-text links to Columbia University Libraries’ subscriptions.





Columbia University Libraries is a globally-recognized academic research library, serving one of the world’s most important centers of research and learning. The Libraries build, sustain, and make discoverable collections that transcend traditional boundaries of format and domain, keeping pace with a dynamic and rapidly evolving information environment and creating unique opportunities for users to encounter global thought. As vital partners in the University’s research and learning ecosystem, the Libraries connects users with rich and distinctive collections, fosters meaningful learning experiences, and provides innovative research support for a large, diverse user population.

The Libraries’ collection includes resources in more than 450 languages and primary source materials that span over 4,000 years of human thought. The Libraries employs more than 400 staff and student assistants and hosts over 2.5 million physical and over 6.5 million virtual visitors each year. The collections include over 15 million volumes, with access to over 7 million online electronic resource titles, nearly 300,000 linear feet of manuscripts and archives, over 150,000 maps, and over 1.2 million graphic and audio-visual materials. Through an extensive global network of library partnerships, Columbia Libraries also facilitates access to collections at academic, research, and public libraries across the country and the world.


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