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Setting Up American University Washington DC Lib Links To Google scholar

Setting Up American University Washington DC Lib Links To Google scholar

Setting Your Scholar Preferences

Google Scholar can be used to help you search for scholarly literature available to you through AU Library. To ensure that you have access to these materials, follow the directions below:

You can see which libraries’ access links you have enabled by clicking on the hamburger menu > Settings > Library links.
By default, Open WorldCat – Library Search will be enabled.

If you receive a reCAPTCHA error, follow these instructions:

You can also use LibKey Nomad, a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, to get links to our library’s subscribed journal content.

Getting Access to Articles Found in Google Scholar

When you find an article in Google Scholar search results, click on the link to “Full Text @ American U” to the right of the citation.

  • If AU has access to the article from a single provider, the article will open
  • If AU has access to the article from multiple sources, the AU Library Search record open and you can click on any of the links there to access the article
  • “[PDF]…” links will also often (but not always) give you access to full text.

If there are no links in Google Scholar, AU Library may still provide access to the article:

  • Click on the quotation marks link underneath the Google Scholar citation
  • Make note of the article citation information, including author, article title, journal title, publication date, and journal issue date, volume, and/or number, and page numbers
  • Visit the library homepage, https://www.american.edu/library/
    • Look in the column entitled Research Resources and click on the link to “Find Journals
    • Search for the journal title there
    • Click on the journal title in the results list
    • Visit the link that lists the appropriate coverage dates
    • Search for the article on the journal’s webpage
      • If a search for the article title or author is unproductive, try browsing to the appropriate year, volume, and issue

Google scholar search

Exporting References from Google Scholar

You can export citation information from Google Scholar in a number of styles and file formats.

To capture citation information in Google Scholar, click on the quotation mark link underneath the desired result.

  • Copy and paste the citation in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, or Vancouver style
  • Click on the links to export the citation to a citation manager
    File formats include:

    • RefWorks (AU does not provide access to RefWorks)
    • RefMan (.ris)
    • EndNote (.enw)
    • BibTeX

Zotero has connectors for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as a bookmarklet to use with mobile devices and other browsers.
Mendeley has its Web Importer for all major browsers.

If you use EndNote, see the box, below, for instructions to get an “Import into EndNote” link added at the bottom of each result in Google Scholar

Exporting References to EndNote

Your scholar settings can be set to add links to export references to EndNote. (Other citation management apps, like Zotero and Mendeley, have browser plug-ins.)

In Google Scholar, click on the hamburger menu > Settings > Bibliography manager. Select “Show links to import citations into” and select the appropriate service in the dropdown menu (the default setting is BibTeX).
A link to “Import into EndNote” will now appear beneath each search result.


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