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Scholar Profile Public Access Reports For Your Funding Agencies

Scholar Profile Public Access Reports For Your Funding Agencies – Scholar profiles include a Public Access section to help you track and manage public access mandates for all your articles. Starting today, we’re making it easy to review and export public access reports for each of your funding agencies. You can view the public access status of articles funded by individual agencies, make changes, and export a public access summary for inclusion in your project reports or other uses.
On the Public Access page in your profile, you’ll see a list of agencies that funded your articles (this is available only for public profiles). You can review the public access report for an agency by clicking its name. On the report, there is an “Export” button to save a copy.

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Funding agencies can require articles to be available at a particular repository (e.g., PubMed Central), at a group of repositories (any subject or institutional repository), or anywhere on the web. Agency-specific reports take these requirements into account. When an article is available at a suitable location, you’ll see a link to it on the right. If you don’t see the link for an available article, you can provide the link to us. For agencies that specify a particular repository, we’ll also include a link to submit your article to that repository. We’ll crawl and index the links you give us, and will automatically update your public access reports.

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If you see errors on your public access reports, you can correct them. For example, you can remove articles, correct publication dates, or update funding information. For more details, see the public access help page.
Public access mandates help researchers everywhere build on what their colleagues have discovered. We hope this helps all researchers work at the frontier of knowledge.


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