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Prince Claus Fund Building Beyond Mentorship Programme 2024

Deadline: 14 May 2024, 17.00 Amsterdam time

Applications are now open for the Prince Claus Fund Building Beyond Mentorship Programme 2024. Building Beyond is a learning structure where artists come together with a group of peers to reflect on their practice, activate it within their local context, and collectively assemble ideas and universalities from across the continent – aimed at engaging with the built environment as an interpretive and alterable world.


With this open call, Prince Claus Fund invites applications from individual, experienced artists and cultural practitioners who:

  • Are from, live and work in our eligible countries: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Chad, South Africa, or South-Sudan.
  • Are artists, cultural practitioners, or creatives whose individual practice relates to architecture, design, spatial practice, public space, and urban communities. When referring to artists and cultural practitioners we mean people who have an individual artistic practice. We hold a broad definition of art and culture and appreciate interdisciplinary practices. Individuals who are arts managers, facilitators, academic researchers, or others, without an individual artistic practice, do not fall under this category, and as such are not eligible to apply.
  • Have ±7-15 years of relevant professional experience. The Mentorship Award is meant only for individual artists who, regardless of age, meet the professional experience criteria, counting from the date they started engaging in professional artistic practice to the date of submitting their application.

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Due to the nature of the mentorship programme, applicants need to be able to communicate in English.

Prince Claus Fund Building Beyond Mentorship Programme 2024 Requirements

  • The programme brings together 12 experienced creatives (± 7-15 years of relevant professional experience) working across diverse mediums, approaches, and interpretations of the mentorship’s overarching theme.
  • Supported by four mentors, this Building Beyond cohort will come together over the course of a year to foster conversation, collaboration, and equal exchange; to support each participant in their own individual practice; and facilitate exchanges between the cohort, its growing network, and relevant external practitioners.

The Mentorship Programme Building Beyond will consist of:

  • Introduction: aimed at acquainting the group. In two consecutive weeks at the start of the mentorship in January/February 2024, everyone in the group will introduce themselves and the concept/body of work that they will be working on throughout the programme.
  • Three Thematic Chapters: taking place in an online format and include guest talks, workshops, reading groups, sub-group sessions, and one-on-one sessions. Each chapter spans approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The content of the chapters will be curated by the mentors based on the practices, projects, and goals of the chosen applicants.
  • 2 Lab Weeks: in-person meeting moments that run for 6 days (excluding travel). The goal is to spur a collective feeling amongst the group, get acquainted with the rhythms and challenges of the group’s individual practices, gain inspiration and for participants to share their work with a different city and its practitioners through a range of workshops, site visits, and situated experiences centered on the themes and disciplines of the group. The Lab Weeks will take place in the first and third quarters of the programme.
  • Group Project: a collective project aimed at reflecting the group’s individual and collective interactions and developments throughout the mentorship. The group project goes beyond documenting what has happened during the programme, and instead provides a space where the group can express their creative processes and exchanges to a broader audience. The group project consists of a publication element and a website element.
  • Closing Chapter: the programme comes to a close in a similar format to how it began, with online presentations from all of the participants in which they highlight where their body of work has developed and how they intend to engage with it in the future. These presentations are semi-public.


The Prince Claus Fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL cover the costs related to the mentorship programme itself, including travel expenses, visa costs, and stay. Individuals are responsible for their own travel insurance. Further details on the covered expenses are communicated with successful applicants at a later date.

How to Apply

  • First, you can create an account on the Prince Claus Awards Platform and start a new submission for the Mentorship Award: Building Beyond.
  • Fill in all required fields and attachments. You can work on, and make changes to, and save the application up until the deadline. Only completed and submitted applications will be considered. Please note that once you have submitted the application, you will not be able to make amendments to it. If you have any questions along the way, please refer to our FAQ or e-mail us at awards@princeclausfund.nl;
  • Once you have submitted your application on the Prince Claus Awards Platform, check that you have received an automatic email confirmation.

For more Information : Visit the website for PRINCE CLAUS FUND BUILDING BEYOND MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME 2024


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