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How to setup Logan University Library Link to Google scholar

How to setup Logan University Library Link to Google scholar

Google Scholar Search Hints

Use the library’s link for Google Scholar when accessing from off-campus or through wireless.  This will enable you to access our paid subscriptions.

Google Scholar contains millions of links to scholarly materials.  If you need an article that is not included in Logan’s collection, contact us to order it by interlibrary loan.

FULL TEXT – Look for the Logan full text statement next to the title.  Click on the Logan link to go to the full text.  If you click on the title instead, you may not get access.  Look for:

Full Text Resources@Logan

PEER REVIEWED – Most of the citations are from peer reviewed journals, but not all.  Look at the journal’s publisher page to find out. There isn’t a way to search in Google Scholar for only peer reviewed materials.  For more details, check out the box below.

Helpful tips:

  • Search terms are automatically combined using AND (there is no need to type in the word AND in between terms).
  • Use quotations around phrases to search for those terms together.  Example: “manual therapy”
  • Use OR to include either search term (must be in all caps).  Example: “manual therapy” OR manipulation
  • Click on the down arrow at the end of the search box to use the advanced search function.
  • Results are displayed by relevancy, use the limiters on the left side to sort by date or by date range.

Google Scholar & Peer Review

The majority of items in Google Scholar are peer reviewed. The only way to check for sure it to locate the journal’s publisher site. Then look for something on the page that gives details “about the journal” and then read through it to find if the journal goes through a peer review process.

Google Scholar does not provide a search filter to limit to only peer reviewed articles.

If you need help finding out if a journal is peer reviewed, just ask us.


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