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How to Link Colorado State University To Google scholar

How to Link Colorado State University To Google scholar. Google Scholar promotes itself as a resource that provides one-stop shopping for scholarly literature. It searches across many disciplines and covers a wide variety of resources, including journal articles, theses, books, abstracts, and more. Although Google Scholar is aimed at the academic community, it uses a very broad definition of “scholarly literature.” It is important to realize that not everything in Google Scholar is peer reviewed.

Linking to Library Resources from Google Scholar

Configuring Google Scholar to Display the FindIt@CSU Link

Google Scholar can be configured to work with the CSU Libraries’ FindIt@CSU linking service that will connect you with the full text of articles subscribed to by the CSU Libraries, as well as Interlibrary Loan Services.The FindIt link will automatically display for users accessing Google Scholar from on campus, but off-campus users will have to configure Google Scholar to display the link.

1. Go to Google Scholar –http://scholar.google.com

2. Click on the triple bar iconthat is located on the top right hand side of the screen.

google scholar screenshot


3. Click on gear in the upper right hand corner of the menu.

Google Scholar Gear Link


4.  A settings menu will appear either across the top of your screen or on the left hand side of the screen, depending on your screen size. Click on “Library Links” and search  for “Colorado State.” Select “Colorado State University Fort Collins FindIt@CSU-FindIt@CSU)” and select “Save.”.

library links
5. Now the FindIt@CSU link should appear in Google Scholar each time you run a search.

findit@CSU in Google Scholar


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