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How to Apply for UICC Technical Fellowship Program 2024

How to Apply for UICC Technical Fellowship Program 2024 – UICC’s Technical Fellowships provide cancer professionals the chance to gain new knowledge, skills and techniques in cancer control through short learning visits of two weeks to two months’ duration. This specific fellowship opportunity was originally launched in 1976, and was called the International Cancer Research Technology Transfer awards (ICRETT), and has facilitated knowledge exchange for the last four decades.


  • Facilitate the international exchange and development of technical knowledge and skills in cancer control.
  • Build capacity of the individual and the home organisation through the effective application and dissemination of the newly acquired skills in the home organisation upon return.
  • Support the development of networks of cancer control professionals for the continued sharing of best practices and knowledge, and the informal provision of ongoing support, guidance or training.


Public health professionals including epidemiologists, health educators, social workers, nutritionists, administrators and other specialised professionals working in the field of cancer control; cancer researchers performing translational, clinical and/or implementation research; clinicians, nurses and pathologists.

  • Applicants must hold a minimum of a Master’s degree, while qualified medical doctors may be considered in the absence of a higher degree (i.e an MD) if they hold or are within a year of holding a board certification (or equivalent) in a cancer-related specialty, and registered nurses who have an RN qualification are also eligible to apply.
  • An equivalent one-year’s training qualification in a specialty related to cancer post university degree can be accepted as an equivalent to a Master’s degree, for example training as a cancer registrar.
  • All candidates should have worked in the field of cancer for at least five years prior to applying.
  • Medical and PhD Students are not eligible to apply.

Please read the application guidelines to view the full list of eligibility criteria. (Available in June)

Call Duration and Award Requests

A new system will be introduced in 2024 for determining fellowship award amounts, which should be more objective and increase equity, as it will take the specific contexts and circumstances of recipients into account.

Fellowship award amounts will be calculated based on the fellowship duration and published scales for living costs and economy flight estimates from the home to host countries, however maximum award amounts will remain as previous years (please see table below under Practical Information).

Scope of the call

Building on the experience of 2023 call, UICC will open a short, competitive call for applications with a strong emphasis on public health and the training of health professionals on cost-effective and evidence-based cancer control strategies and interventions relevant to and appropriate to the applicant’s context, and the wider health system.

Fellowships will be prioritised that focus on preventing cancer or detecting it early as well as those projects that ensure equitable access to affordable and effective treatment and the supportive and palliative care of cancer survivors.

Fellowship topics can include cancer research, if it is implementation, translational or clinical research that leads directly to improved health and well-being of cancer patients. Applications on purely basic research are not encouraged, and applicants working on these topics should consider applying for a YY Study Grant.

Applicants from French-speaking African countries will have the option to apply in French if they intend to visit a French-speaking country. For further details, please visit the Bourse pour l’Afrique Francophone webpage.

For more Information: Visit the website for UICC’s Technical Fellowship Program 


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