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Hong Kong Baptist University google scholar – Accessing e-resources

Hong Kong Baptist University google scholar – Accessing e-resources from HKBU Library website

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar searches and indexes scholarly literature on the web, including articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions. While other specialized tools such as the Library’s OneSearch platform and the Library’s many subscribed databases are usually the preferred method for searching the scholarly literature, some researchers prefer the simplicity and familiarity of a Google Scholar search.

Ensuring that you get as many full text results as possible in Google Scholar


It is important to remember that Google Scholar is simply a search tool – it won’t give you the full text (unless the full text is free). If you do use Google Scholar, you should make sure that you are benefiting from the Library’s subscriptions.

A Google Scholar session performed on-campus will automatically link to full text available at the Library – no further action is needed.

If you start a research session from off-campus, you need to set up Google Scholar to direct you to HKBU Library’s subscriptions. The instructions below show how to do this.

Enable Library Links on Scholar


Enable Library Links on Scholar

Five steps to enable Library links in Google Scholar from your own computer:

1. Go to Google Scholar at https://scholar.google.com

2. Select “Settings“:


3. In the settings menu, clink on “Library Links”:

Click on "Library Links"


4. Search for “Hong Kong Baptist University“:


5. Select “Hong Kong Baptist University Library (Alma) – Check fulltext@HKBU ALMA“, and then click save:

Select "HKBU Library Alma" and click save

After completing the above one-time procedure, you will see an HKBU Library link appear next to Google Scholar search results where the full text is available from the Library. Click the link to access the full text – you will need to login with your HKBU SSOid in the same way as other cases when you access the Library’s e-resources from off-campus:

Tips for searching


Here are some tips for searching in Google Scholar.

  • Author search. Use the author: operator, e.g. author:koon kwai wong. Generally a search by first name (or first initial), followed by the last name, returns better results.
  • Title search. Put the title of the paper in quotation marks, e.g. “study on china’s environment”. The search engine will look for an exact word-for-word match of the words placed within the quotation marks.

More advice can be found on Google’s own Google Scholar Search Tips.

Guide to search results

A quick guide to search results:

Explanation of Google Scholar result - annotated screenshot

  1. The article title links to the site where the article is hosted. In this case, the article is found on the publisher’s site, Wiley Online Library.
  2. The “cited by” metric indicates that 121 other articles indexed in Google Scholar have cited this paper. This link to citing papers is a way to discover other related articles in Google Scholar.
  3. “Related articles” linksto similar documents based on your search. You can see by the bolded text in the text preview that the search contained the words “academic success” and “libraries”.
  4. “All xx versions” links to other online sites that host information on this article, or a different version of the article.
  5. The “cite” tool allows you to automatically generate a citation in one of the major styles, or allows you to export the citation to a bibliography manager.
  6. The “save” tool allows you to save the citation to a Scholar Library account, to read later or for your own documentation.
  7. And finally…Check full-text@HKBU ALMA enables you to link to the full text of the article licensed by Hong Kong Baptist University Library.

Accessing e-resources @ HKBU Library: From Google Scholar


Access e-resources from Google Scholar

Set up Library link in Google Scholar

1.  Go to https://scholar.google.com/.

2.  Click three-line menu at the top left corner of the page.


3.  Click Settings at the bottom of the side navigation menu.


4.  a. Click Library links.
b. Library Search are checked (selected) by default.
c. Click Save.

google scholar library link set up


Access to full text article

5.  Select article you want and click on Find it at HKBU Library.

6.  HKBU library’s online resources login page will be displayed.
Select your user type and follow the on-screen instructions.



7.  When authentication is successful and full-text is available from HKBU library, you will be have access to the full-text of the article.

Access library e-resources using OpenAthens


Starting in September 2021, HKBU Library uses a new authentication system called “OpenAthens” to enhance access our online resources.

All library users will be asked to authenticate to access library e-resources           both on and off campus.

Users will only need to authenticate to OpenAthens once per session. Each session stays active for up to 8 hours, unless you close the window or clear your browser cache and cookies.


What is OpenAthens


 What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is an identity and IP-based authentication system that provides access to the library’s e-resources via single sign-on (SSO) technology.


User login credential

User login credentials

User Type Login credentials
Students, Faculty, and Staff HKBU SSOid and Password
Graduate Borrowers, JULAC Card holders* Library card barcode and Password 
Walk-in Users*
(e.g. visitors with Special Entry Permission)
Visit Information Desk (Level 3) of Main Library to get credentials for logging into Library public PCs and authentication through OpenAthens.

* Remarks:

  1. Graduate Borrowers, JULAC Card holders, and walk-in users must use a Library public PC for full access to HKBU Library e-resources.
  2. Graduate who has selected eligible service packages with remote access e-resources may use their Library Card barcode and password to access selected e-resources from off campus.

From HKBU Library website – Access e-resources from Library Website (OneSearch)


1.  Access the article you want in OneSearch by clicking the Online access link.

2.  You will be prompted to login.
Select your user type and follow the on-screen instructions to login.



3.  For HKBU students and staff, login with your HKBU SSOid and password.


4.  After successful authentication, you will be have full access to the article.

Access e-resources from A-Z databases list

1.  Select Databases tab from library homepage.

2. Search by database title or browse by subjects or types.



3.  Click on database name.


4.  You will be prompted to login.
Select your user type and follow the on-screen instructions to login.



5.  After successful authentication, you will have full access to the database for searching the collection.

Hong Kong Baptist University google scholar – Accessing e-resources


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