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HESLB Launches #Fichua to Expose Chronic Loan Debtors

HESLB Launches #Fichua to Expose Chronic Loan Debtors – The Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) has launched a Special Campaign that aims to engage the public by using the phone and social networks, to expose the chronic debtors of higher education loans.

The campaign, known as #Fichua, was launched in Dar es Salaam by the Executive Director of HESLB, Dr. Bill Kiwia who has said that the campaign will run for several months starting today, June 28.

The goal of the #Reveal campaign

“This campaign aims to involve the citizens to fulfill the patriotic duty of exposing the HESLB debtors who have income but do not show up and start paying back,” said Dr. Kiwia in a press conference.

“We have given it the name #Fichua – BE A LITTLE HERO to encourage citizens to participate in the repayment of matured loans to benefit others – a move that will undoubtedly enable more young people to get higher education and you, the citizen, to be their HERO,” added Dr. Kiwia.

Procedure for disclosing bad debt

“In order to provide information on debtors, the citizen should send the names of the beneficiaries, the college he attended, the location where he works, the name of the company he works for or owns and the location of the company,” said Dr. Kiwia.

He added that the citizen is advised to send the information by email ([email protected]); send a WhatsApp message (0739 66 55 33); call 0736 66 55 33 between 2:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Another way is to visit the website www.heslb.go.tz and submit information through the ‘e-Return’ link. Along with these methods, citizens can also send messages (DM – Direct Messages) to Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook with the name ‘HESLB Tanzania’ VERIFIED and with a ‘blue tick’.

Feedback from student stakeholders

Speaking about the campaign, Japhet Makyao, a third-year student of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the International University of Kampala – Tanzania (KIUT) has praised HESLB for the innovation and asked chronic debtors with income to return.

“The truth is that, until now, in my third year, without the Credit Board, I would not have been able to get here… I would like to see those who are empowered to study and have income, come forward so that other young people like me can benefit,” said Japhet right after the launch.

On her part, Khadija Sultan, a second year student, Bachelor of Business Management at Tumaini University – Dar es Salaam (DarTU) thanked the Government for enabling her to study and asked the debtors to finish repaying their loans.

“I am an orphan, I lost both my parents when I was still very young, without the Government I would not be able to study at all… so I am asking those who have not started to restore, or who are anxious to restore, to start restoring,” said Khadija.


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