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Finding journal articles On Google scholar at Australian National University Lib

Finding journal articles On Google scholar at Australian National University Lib

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.

Using Google Scholar allows you to bypass popular information and find scholarly information across a range of disciplines, provided by a wide range of academic institutions.

Google Scholar does not discriminate between peer reviewed and non peer reviewed content, so it is up to you to systematically and critically evaluate the materials you find. Find out how to do this using the TRAAP test.

If you can’t find a link to the full-text article in Google Scholar, search for the journal in the ANU Library Catalogue or article in SuperSearch. If the ANU Library does not have an online subscription to an article you have found in Google Scholar, and you are not able to access a full text open access version of the article, you can request a copy of the article.

Connecting to Google Scholar

Refer to our guide on using Google Scholar off-campus for help connecting from your home computer or laptop to the Library’s full-text resources.

Google Scholar Advanced Search

To access Google Scholar Advanced Search go to Google Scholar, click the menu button and select Advanced search.

google scholar

Example search – Google Scholar Advanced

Google Scholar Advanced search supports Boolean and phrase searching, and enables you to limit results (by author, journal, publication date, etc).

This example demonstrates a search for “sustainable development” AND Australia published in the journal Australasian Journal of Environmental Management​ between 2015 and 2020.

Open Google Scholar to access the Advanced search from the menu on the left. advance search google scholar
Enter your keywords and phrases in the search boxes and select the blue search button. google scholar find articles
Select the title, Full View or the Find it at ANU link to access articles held within the ANU Library’s collection.





What are journals?

A scholarly journal is a publication released in regular instalments which contains research relating to a particular subject area. These are often referred to as periodicals or serials.

Journals are useful when you:

  • are seeking information for your assignment or literature review
  • need to find recently published papers on a particular topic
  • want to identify important and current research in your field
  • commence the ‘scoping exercise’ for your research project.

Find journals using SuperSearch

SuperSearch is a portal that provides a single search across the majority of ANU Library resources.

SuperSearch is a great place to start searching for journal articles. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Refine your results by using search filters.
    • Select Articles under Format to search for articles only.
    • Select Journals under Format to search for journals only.
  • Click Journal Search from the top menu to search by title or browse by category.
  • Use Advance search to filter by a particular date of publication, language or format.

You can get additional help with searching for journal articles through the Finding Journal Articles and More guide.

Find print journals

If you can’t find the journal you need online, you can also search for print issues. If a print journal is available, it will list the Library branch it is located in under Location.

Issues of journals published before 1990 are usually stored off-campus at the ANU Print Repository. To access these, go to the item record and click on Print Repository under Find in Library and you will be prompted to fill in a request form. Make sure you are logged in!


Finding journal articles On Google scholar at Australian National University Lib


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