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ACT Foundation Application for Changemakers Innovation Challenge 2024

ACT Foundation Application for Changemakers Innovation Challenge 2024 – As the world increasingly relies on digital solutions, ACT Foundation is committed to forging new pathways for addressing challenges in a manner that is not only innovative but also sustainable and impactful. Over the past six years, our unwavering support to diverse organisations has illuminated the profound importance of leveraging technology for social impact and fostering creative thinking among innovators.

In line with this, the theme of this year’s challenge will revolve around digital innovation that catalyses systematic chang by addressing social issues within our society and transforming traditional systems.

By promoting and supporting organisations Driving Change with Digital Innovation, we aim to foster solutions that go beyond immediate gains, leaving a lasting positive imprint on African communities. Through this year’s challenge, we will champion the organizations that are not only innovative but also practical and sustainable. Winning entries should have the potential to be implemented and scaled, creating a lasting impact for Africa.

To support the review and evaluation of the submitted applications, the following are suggested lists of internal reviewers and judges we hope would be a part of this year’s challenge:


Entry for the Changemakers Innovation Challenge opens on Monday, 24th June 2024 and closes Friday, 12th July 2024. Late entries will not be considered.

Only one entry will be accepted per organization. Once an entry has been submitted, no further changes will be accepted.

All entries for this challenge must be submitted in English.

No entry fee, purchase or payment of any kind is required to apply.

Grant funding will be awarded to the top three (3) winners of the Changemakers Innovation Challenge towards the scaling of their innovative solutions across different communities. Technical support will also be awarded as applicable.

Winners will be announced and awarded at the annual ACT Foundation Breakfast Dialogue which is scheduled to hold in October 2024. For more details, visit www.actrustfoundation.org.


The Changemakers Innovation Challenge is open to non-profits and social enterprises in Africa. Businesses carrying out innovations that lead to social impact may also apply.

Organisations must submit social innovations that address challenges in alignment with any of the SDG Goals Click here for more insights on the SDGs

Organisations that have been awarded funding as winners of the Changemakers Innovation Challenge in the past are not eligible.

Non-profits or social enterprises must be registered with the government agency in charge of organizations’ registry in their respective countries.

All submissions must be innovative solutions that use technology or digital systems as major tools in driving community impact. Evidence of claims must be provided through web links, videos, pictures and any other online presence.

Organizations must have been in existence for at least two years.

All social innovations must be at the growth stage and must have been tested or implemented on direct beneficiaries. Evidence of claim must be provided through pictures, news releases, etc

All social innovations must have been implemented within the past two years. PILOT INNOVATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Click here to read our EVALUATION CRITERIA.

For more Information: Visit the website for ACT Foundation Application for Changemakers Innovation Challenge 2024


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